The Amazing World of Dinosaurs

job4015Children of all ages are captivated by dinosaurs – their lizard-like skin, their massive sizes, and the terror children think they were able to bring as they roamed the planet.  Because dinosaurs are fascinating to children, we have a responsibility to bring them the truth; that dinosaurs are truly amazing creatures, created by the Almighty hand of God.

Bring your students The Amazing World of Dinosaurs from a Biblical perspective.

The ten lessons included in The Amazing World of Dinosaurs will be a helpful aid in bringing the truth of creation to children.  Along with the lessons are multiple worksheets, activities, and projects to enhance the learning.  The information includes: dinosaur origins, dinosaurs and the Flood, dinosaur habitats, dinosaurs in history, and where dinosaurs can be found in the Bible.  Many hands-on projects are included to bring these Amazing Dinosaurs alive in the minds of your students. The lessons are appropriate for grades 3rd – 8th and could be used in a Christian School, home school, vacation Bible school, or Sunday school setting.

Kathy Halleck’s  “The Amazing World of Dinosaurs,” is a “must-have” for elementary teachers and home school parents who want to give children a Biblical and scientifically accurate, creationist view of dinosaurs.  The CD is filled with instruction and a large number of creative activities to help children grasp what dinosaurs were like.  Biblically, scientifically, and pedagogically sound, this CD will challenge the imagination of children, encourage them to think, and give them a greater appreciation of the God of creation!
Orlando J. Buria, Ph.D.
Science Teacher / Creation Lecturer
West Seneca, New York

(Picture in Banner by Digisaur/Thomas Miller.  Used with permission.)                       (Picture in content by World of NOD. Used with permission.)

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